Buckets & Attachments

Buckets & Attachments

JGH are also approved suppliers and fitters for Geith Buckets and attachments, although we do supply all other brands of Excavator Buckets and attachments also. These top quality accessories include Claw Auto-Lock Quick-Hitch Buckets for excavators from 5 ton to 40 ton, and Quick Hitch Grapples and Buckets for telehandlers and rough terrain forklifts. JGH Plant Services supply a wide range of Buckets, from Micro Buckets, Mini Buckets, Midi Buckets and Mass Excavator Buckets. No matter what the job, or the type of bucket you’re looking for, whether it’s Geith buckets or something else,  JGH Plant Services will be able to supply the buckets and attachments to suit your needs.

Digging Buckets/Trenching Buckets

Toothed buckets are used for general digging, trench cutting and loading duties. We can supply a variety of tooth types including Bolt on Teeth, Caterpillar Teeth and Cutting Edges.

Ditching Buckets/Grading Buckets

Wider buckets without teeth are used for grading, levelling and ditch cleaning. These buckets may also be used to re-handle loose, pre-dug soil and lighter loading duties.

Rock Buckets/Heavy Duty Buckets

JGH Plant Services can supply buckets that are specifically for demolition and rock handling. These buckets are capable of sustaining long service in the very toughest of ground conditions.

Riddle Buckets/Shaker Buckets

When separating rock and stone from soil, Riddle Buckets and Shaker Buckets would be needed.

JGH Plant Services can supply a wide range of excavator buckets and attachments. Although we are suppliers of Geith Buckets and attachments we can supply any brand to clients in West Sussex and the surrounding areas. The type of excavator bucket we will recommend will be dependent upon the what the client needs. We will talk to our customers to find what their requirements are, and then we will supply and fit the buckets and attachments that will suit our clients best. By supplying clients with the products that will suit the requirements most, this means an increase in efficiency, saving our clients time and money.